Jane has supported the Arts in South Florida since relocating here from Mississippi in 1975.  Jane’s role has changed from supporter of the Arts to participant as she has decided to document and share her lifelong affinity for the ocean and Natural world through the medium of digital photography.  Jane delights in shooting a variety of subjects with a special interest in abstract, macro photography.

Jane enjoys combining her professional insights with Nature photography to challenge the brain and eye to perceive the familiar and unfamiliar in extraordinary ways.

Jane fell in love with scuba diving and the Ocean Realm at the age of 14 while sailing with family members in the Bahamas.  This love affair has evolved into a lifetime passion.  Scuba diving has enabled Jane to experience exotic destinations, meet interesting people and deepen her understanding of our vital role in the conservation of our precious oceans and seas.

When not diving our beautiful local reefs or traveling the world in pursuit of new experiences and photographic subjects, Jane enjoys spending time with her three daughters, sons -in- law and twin grandchildren.  The other “kids” are her beloved Bijon pup, Pearl, and her horse, CJ.

Travel locations include Africa, Alaska, Australia, Bahamas, Burma, Caribbean, China, Costa Rica, Europe, Fiji, Florida, Indonesia, Maldives, Micronesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Raja Ampat and US National Parks.


Jane holds the Master of Science Degree in Communication Disorders as well as the Master of Education Degree in Guidance and Counseling.  Jane is a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist.


Memberships include:The Arts Council of Martin County, The Audubon Society,  The Elliott Museum, The Lighthouse Art Center, The Nature Conservancy, The North County Artist’s Association, The Norton Museum of Art, The Ocean Conservancy,  The Palm Beach Photographic Center, and World Wildlife Federation as well as numerous local Performing Art and Community Service organizations.  Jane has received local, regional, national and international recognition for her photographic excellence.  Jane’s photography is exhibited in numerous galleries.

Jane may be contacted at: [email protected]

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